Schreyer Barn

Tyndall Elevator

The Pioneer Village Museum located in Beausejour, Manitoba has undertaken an incredible project that we would like everyone to be a part of! Agriculture has had an enormous role to play in the development of the Beausejour – Brokenhead area and we would like to continue to honour that heritage. The Broken-Beau Historical Society will be celebrating 50 years at our Heritage Day on August 13, 2017 and we will be sharing this plan for our future.

The Society has procured the opportunity to bring a vintage grain elevator on site from Tyndall, Manitoba. This is an amazing opportunity to build on the focus of our Pioneer Village. We already have numerous historic buildings that are proudly displayed on site including: a train station, a log house, former Governor General Edward Schreyer’s house and many more. The addition of the elevator would be the epitome and largest historical building of our site. What better way to honour our agricultural heritage than to bring this amazing building onto our site? This is a very ambitious goal, but very attainable. Over the next couple of weeks we will be posting more info and images of what we plan on doing. Visit our other Facebook page below or head to the "Harvest our Past, Sow the Future" Facebook group.

​Broken Beau Historical Society Inc.

Pioneer Village Museum

​​Beausejour, Manitoba, Canada